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Violon and Cello Lessons

At École des Étoiles de Laval, we offer violin and cello lessons for kids and adultes.


Take advantage of one on one lessons with a teacher.

The teachers come up with a program that will fit your needs and skill level.


Don’t wait! You'll progress first with empty chords, then the scale and last but not least making beautiful music with a bow! Whether it be virtuoso, melancholy or festive, the violon pleases everyone!

Take advantage of :

  • 2 shows per year

  • Competitive pricing

  • Learning with the aim of becoming a professional or just as a hobby

  • Different musical styles available

From MAR to VEN : 18h to 21h

From SAM to DIM : 09h to 17h

30 Min / 20$

45 Min / 30$

60 Min / 35$


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