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Daycare Services


 Monday to Friday 9h à 18h

Musique, Zumba, Danse, Gymnastique, Thâtre, Yoga 

60 Min / 60$

1h30  / 85$

2 h / 110$

Art classes

60 min / 70$

1h30 / 100$

2h / 135$

Our experienced teachers move to daycares and animate different classes :


Musical Awakening is designed to introduce young children from 18 months to 4 years to music and all its potential. Various instruments (keyboard, guitar, flute, tambourine, maracas, bells, etc.) are introduced through exploration, play and listening. Course topics include nature, travel, seasons, nursery rhymes, shows, crafts, drawings. Listen to different kinds of music like orchestra, pop, choir, solo and understand their difference. A basic notion as well as musical notion such as tempo, nuances, tone and notes are on the program.


Zumba Kids

Zumba Kids is the children's version of Zumba Fitness and explores the world of fitness with sequences, games and music. It is designed for the younger ones with choreographies easier to memorize and movements adapted to their ages.

The mixture of Latin music (zumba, salsa, meringue, hip hop, reggaeton) combined with simplified series of dance steps makes the Zumba Kids® a lively educational, sporting and fun class for children.


Kids Yoga is a playful, approach to haha yoga. Our teachers provide their own creativity and imagination to create a yoga class in a way that kids can understand and relate to the essence of yoga. Kids yoga focuses on improving concentration, supporting body and brain development, promoting imagination and reaching optimal health for children of all ages and abilities. 


All instruction takes place using kid-friendly Hip-Hop music and movement, often integrated into games to keep our young ones motivated and having fun. This class is great for helping outgoing children to learn to express themselves properly in a group environnement, as well as help those who are more shy to gain ore confidence.



Varied gymnastic circuits, allowing children to acquire psychomotor skills and to develop the following physical qualities : balance, orientation, muscular strength and flexibility.

Acting classes

Exploring all facets of the theatre, in a lively and creative setting: theatrical exercises, improvisation, interpretation, Development of self-confidence.

Painting and drawing

Our courses are designed to master the basics, visual fundamentals and vital elements of artistic practice. Creativity workshops and small group games based on fun and learning.

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